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tinker toe

2009-07-18 14:18:01 by axeFX

welll... I haven't really been making music that much lately. Mostly been playing street fighter 4 on pc. I also have it for ps3 (lol), but I never play. I'm planning on buying an X-arcade tankstick at the end of this month. Gonna split the cost with my friend.

IF you want to play me on PC... my gamertag is zithninja. If you want to play me on ps3, my gamertag is zithninja. If you want to add me to xbox live, my gamertag is zithninja. If you want to add me to zithninja my gamertag is lolwut.

xfire: op1umz
quakelive: op1umz
AIM: mmllxwormsmaster
Steam: mormaster

As for my musicianship, I work very slow these days. I have a loop brewing for a friends flash game, which you can listen to here
Still in early production, still practicing, stuff like that. As for blackhole FX fullversion? I'm struggling with that T_T
I'll try and get it finished eventually though. I promise :P
Thanks everyone for the reviews and votes. I read every review, and even if I don't respond, I appreciate it very much.
If you want to game it up, I've provided various accounts of mine... so... yea. If your gonna add me to something, let me know first


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2009-07-18 14:22:12

Well I'm just glad to see you're alive. You have a Steam account huh? If you have HL2 DM I'll gladly take you on.

axeFX responds:

I will have to install it, but yeah. I do. :P


2009-07-19 03:19:20


axeFX responds:



2009-07-19 03:22:10

gay fag piece of shit

(Updated ) axeFX responds:

your dads sink needs to be unclogged


2009-07-19 15:13:02

aww well i hope you continue to experiment with music if you get the chance... ;_;

axeFX responds:

I will ALWAYS experiment with music :D In the not too distant future, I will be remixing some certain songs ;)


2009-07-19 19:48:10

Added you on steam, name is Snitch.... Sucks that you dont have enough time to make music. I really enjoy your work and i look forward to hear some more.. Keep up teh workz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

axeFX responds:

that I will. I'll talk to you on steam


2009-07-25 16:33:04

why do you have the axe (hygene products) logo and then just added in FX with photoshop or flash or whatever?

axeFX responds:

I didn't make it, a friend did. And I don't really care what images I have up here


2009-07-25 23:29:29

STEAM Left 4 Dead Turbo


2009-08-02 17:02:16



2009-08-06 14:41:31

Cool man. I also have TF2 now.