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long break

2009-08-15 11:28:35 by axeFX

sorry guys, bad news. reformatted my computer and lost all my songs. this time rather then installing FL again and starting over, ive decided to take this as an opportunity to learn a new program. so I will be using Sonar 8 from now on. this means its gonna be a while before I post a song again =/
However I will be getting my hardware replaced at the end of the month, which is pretty sick (m-audio profire 2626 in case your wondering). now I just need new monitors and a keyboard. I'll keep you posted though xP


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2009-08-16 14:04:49

wow you lost all your songs. ragin!
did you not have them on a mermory stick or sumin for just incase

axeFX responds:

I might have some songs on a cd somewhere... but im using a new program anyway


2009-08-17 14:20:08

oh man, that sucks! I had the same problem..
Sonar 8 is a great program, I'm using reason..

axeFX responds:

Yea I was debating between reason, sonar and protools... not totally sure which one tho


2009-08-24 14:07:58

Does that mean that the Black Hole FX will never be made full? D:

axeFX responds:

I will try my best to make that happen, because its my favourite song, and deserves a full version. I think I might have it on a cd somewhere... hopefully =/


2009-08-25 10:31:11

aww thanks for faving my art! ^^
good luck with the new program, axe, this is an opportunity to start with a clean slate! :D

axeFX responds:

xP I wont be very active, but I'll let you know if I make anything new <3


2009-09-17 03:06:57

blazblue fx named after the game blazblue by any chance.
i ask cause i just read sumin about a game called blazblue yesterday

axeFX responds:

yes it is named after that game. It's currently one of my favourite games, I recommend it. I'm going to be editing that song pretty soon with something alot different... and im even planning on sampling some vocals from the game.


2009-10-01 11:36:08

Where's Adrenaline 2 FX ;_;?

axeFX responds:

I have it somewhere... maybe


2009-10-15 18:07:01

Hey dude in my opinion BlazBlue FX is one of EP 2's best tracks. If I were to ever buy the album this song would be one of the reasons. Good job man.

axeFX responds:

cool man, I hope I can make it longer and better then the demo.


2009-10-26 05:23:32

Hey this has been going on for like a year lol.

Probably odn't remember, but when you first made adrenaline fx, you told me on msn that you were gonna learn sonar :P

axeFX responds:



2009-10-27 02:28:15

Cough Cough PROTOOLS Cough Cough

axeFX responds:



2009-11-15 14:37:59

whens the EP 2 out?

axeFX responds:

there hasnt been an official deadline


2009-11-17 03:07:12

awright. just so u know ill be first to buy


2009-12-08 00:32:36

Put up a new song, check it out!


2010-01-25 15:30:29

MAKE SOME FUCKING MUSIC!!!!!!!!! or tell me where to listen ;)

axeFX responds:

I MAKE LOTS OF FUCKING MUSIC. I just cant fucking finish the songs. Nobody wants to hear my 1 minute loops, so GIVE ME TIME >:C


2010-02-03 16:02:55

Axe, Hurry up and come back... wow, its been about 4 months if not more, and im still waiting for a another submission XD

Don't let 2010 fly by without posting anyting :)


2010-02-03 22:49:51

times up


2010-02-06 07:29:34

i like your 1 min loops :(

axeFX responds:

me too :C im currently working on the synthetica album track. So im not sure when ill get around to uploading something. I haven't forgotten about you guys though!


2010-02-07 16:47:51

has Nal not got a copy for him organisin the thing though? cause blazblue is ma fav 1. u should remake it if u lose it though

axeFX responds:

The way it worked was make a demo, if it got picked, its up to me to make it into a full version. Which I failed at.


2010-02-20 18:41:49

Too bad for fruity loops (good cereal) Yet..Holy shit, i don't think i'd be able to make a beat if my life depended on it, that program looks dam complicated...