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2010-07-22 03:13:31 by axeFX

I've been promising to make something new loads of times, and I never seem to end up keeping my word... but I finally WILL this time. I upped a new loop that I whipped up one night (house), and I have a dubstep loop that is also pretty cool and unique, that I will plan on upping next week sometime. SO STAY TUNED!
If all of you are curious, I use Logic Pro 9 along with massive and discoDSP discovery, two synthesizers I use to make all my sounds from scratch. I've been dabbling alot with dubstep, but I'm honestly starting to grow tired of that genre, and find myself listening to house and psytrance alot more. So that's probably the direction my music will take.

On another note, the reason I haven't really been doing much of anything is because my interests shifted over towards MODDING. I recently modded my psp after it sat in my drawer collecting dust for years. I did my own pandora battery mod, by taking the battery apart and doing an intense surgical wire cut, followed by a custom firmware install, and hours of downloading pirated games xD.
I ordered some modchips so I plan on modding my ps2 in a few weeks. I've never soldered before so this will be intense.


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2010-07-22 20:32:46

Practice soldering before you actually do it, and make sure to read up on it, it's a simple thing, but if you don't know what you are doing you can easily ruin your soldering iron tip, making it useless like I did my first time. Just make sure not to cover the whole thing in a blob of solder and tin the tip (cover it with solder immediately after it becomes hot enough) the first time you do it, otherwise you'll ruin the tip and it won't work anymore.

axeFX responds:

shit arrived today... gonna have to read up on some shit


2010-07-22 23:50:26

Haha, stop taking it so seriously. If you've started a bunch of stuff, just slap it all together and add a title. GOLD!

axeFX responds:



2010-07-22 23:52:41

I used NI Massive to make a PSP from scratch..

axeFX responds:

Impressive... but I'm on a boat.


2010-07-27 20:48:06

Glad to see your back, and on another note...

Lol, my psp's been modded for well over 3 years now :p although its collecting a little dust now that i've gotten myself a laptop, have fun it'll last you a while :)


2010-07-27 21:23:03

Welcome back, AxeFx! And, nice customization of your psp lol xD


2010-08-19 15:35:15

mod yer xbox, its well fun, i made ma gamertag "N****r." when i play CoD.

axeFX responds:

haha nice. I'll have to try that