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2010-11-19 02:34:55 by axeFX

Sup guys just wanted to say I'm finished with newgrounds. I'm still making the musicz and am improving each day... but I'm tired of newgrounds and will no longer be submitting here. I am going to make a new youtube account pretty soon here in the future, and submit all of my neuro dub tracks I've been working on, there. Alot of them are extremely dark/grimey/satanic sounding, and I'm sure you guys would love them!

However, I've decided to let the name "axeFX" die, seeming as its kind of lame and its the name of a guitar effect machine lol. So I will be brainstorming on a new name, and after I've finished a track or two, I will make a youtube account and start uploading :P If any of you guys have good ideas for names, let me know!


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2010-11-19 03:07:38

LOL i see alot of people saying im leaving NG for good. But then come back with a new account :P

Still why exactly are you leaving NG? Not getting enough exposer? Why youtube?

axeFX responds:

Nah exposure isn't really a problem, I dealt with the zero bombing and managed top 5 several times. The newgrounds community in general is not something I see myself benefiting from as far as good advice and suggestions go. Besides, I've been wanting to make some 3d animation and make my own music videos for a while now.


2010-11-19 05:43:38

DONETH...i thought that was your name lol...


axeFX responds:



2010-11-19 14:16:42

You misspelled "dunce" in the title.

axeFX responds:

I will spear you through the heart with my pointy dunce hat


2010-11-19 20:55:37

You've gotta link me to your youtube when you get it (assuming that you really will leave NG and not come back).

Names could be:
-Two word combinations that make no sense aka AxeFX or LogicalDefiance etc.
-Extremely long names don't work well
-Extremely short names sometimes do
-Eat your carrots

axeFX responds:

I should call myself "horsepill"


2010-11-19 21:16:15

Aww man then how you gonna know which ones are good, which ones are bad, what can you do to make it better what were you mistakes etc. I tihnk you shoiuld stay cause youtube doesn't give you much feedback as everyone here in newgrounds whether it's positive or negative you actually learn from it than youtube just comment saying "good, it sucks it's bad its decent" etc. In new rgound they rate it reveiw and give it a score. So I tihnk you should tihnk about this before you come to a conclusion.

axeFX responds:

Perhaps, but newgrounds is an obstacle I have to overcome. For years I've been submitting here, releasing my songs for free and getting advice -some good, some bad. However, until I move on and leave newgrounds behind, I will always have a difficult time actually releasing songs to labels / making albums / whatever. This place was very helpful, and it served its puprose in the aid of my growth as a musician. I need to move on.
Youtube may not have a review system and ratings and all that, but at least the people who like my music have an easier time following me and staying in touch.
I will still most likely release songs as free downloads, but at least with youtube you can hear my completed full length songs and possibly support my by purchasing it, etc.


2010-11-19 23:18:18

and you are.......?

axeFX responds:

whoaaaa its metalismylife6699! you're extreme. Thats like double oral sex times two.


2010-11-23 18:57:21

You better tell me your youtube username so i can add you :3

axeFX responds:

Once I think of a name, complete a track and make a video for it... I'll let you know.


2010-11-23 19:41:31

We'll miss you though :'(

axeFX responds:

I'm not going anywhere dude. Just subscribe to my youtube channel when I make it. You can see my cool custom made music videos, with my crazy full length tracks n shit.


2010-11-27 04:14:32

How about g-r4ve?

axeFX responds:

I don't think Steven-Polley is taken, I might use that name


2010-11-27 04:15:11

Or you could be DJ Immune.


axeFX responds:



2010-12-03 22:02:32

the name should fit your edgy sound im thinking...

Fallout (you know, like atomic bomb fallout? lol...)
Gunmetal (I like that color...)
or just FX because you use tons of those in your songs, haha

uhh thats all i got ><' numbers in a username are way cliche, don't do it :p

axeFX responds:

lol! fancy seeing you here. How've you been doing? and...


will be my new name


2010-12-12 15:14:39

im doing fine, thank you ;] hope all is going well for you too~

and wow, thats not surprising at all considering you have a talent for picking out n00b names :P although i think that one's taken already...

(Updated ) axeFX responds:

lol, yea. I was just joking, but that name would be pretty intense. WHOAAaaa.... its leet dark dragon slayer 5 4 3 2 1!!!! He's got a countdown in his name and everything!!


2010-12-27 14:11:37

FTLs. Well, you shall be missed. Even though you're not going anywhere, haha. Might leave as well, but that's sometime later in the feeutors. Wish I had some ideas for it though.


2010-12-29 11:55:11

Grats on moving on. I want to as well but I love the community here.

Oh well.


2011-01-03 02:54:01

Long time no talk man.

100% sure you won't remember me.
But, we'll miss you. AT NEWGROUNDS.


2011-01-27 23:54:19

Have you come up with a youtube name yet, it cant be that hard 0_o