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Entry #7


2012-04-18 20:46:13 by axeFX

Well I finally started making music again, and I noticed newgrounds has changed since I've been gone. Figured I'd submit some stuff, since I've got nothing better to do. Anyways, I'm back so check out my future tunes n stuff. Peace


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2012-04-19 16:10:33

'Bout fucking time you came back here.

axeFX responds:

better late then never :P


2012-04-21 09:37:48

Long time since I heard new stuff from you. Coincidentally listened to Psilocybin FX on my mp3 player few days ago. Looking forward to more of your tunes.

axeFX responds:

haha, nice. I haven't listened to my old tunes since forever


2012-05-27 19:27:59

Axe i will name my firstborn child after you if you finish this:!/search/song?q=axeFX%20BlazBlue%20FX%20(ID:%2 0268398)

i have been looking for that song for two years!!

axeFX responds:

While that would be a huge honor I'm sure, it's not possible. I lost that project years ago. Sorry


2012-07-09 04:58:27

Your still alive O.o! Glad to hear you're back in the scene ^^.