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2012-04-18 20:46:13 by axeFX

Well I finally started making music again, and I noticed newgrounds has changed since I've been gone. Figured I'd submit some stuff, since I've got nothing better to do. Anyways, I'm back so check out my future tunes n stuff. Peace


2010-11-19 02:34:55 by axeFX

Sup guys just wanted to say I'm finished with newgrounds. I'm still making the musicz and am improving each day... but I'm tired of newgrounds and will no longer be submitting here. I am going to make a new youtube account pretty soon here in the future, and submit all of my neuro dub tracks I've been working on, there. Alot of them are extremely dark/grimey/satanic sounding, and I'm sure you guys would love them!

However, I've decided to let the name "axeFX" die, seeming as its kind of lame and its the name of a guitar effect machine lol. So I will be brainstorming on a new name, and after I've finished a track or two, I will make a youtube account and start uploading :P If any of you guys have good ideas for names, let me know!

halo reach

2010-09-14 23:01:17 by axeFX

sup guys just a quick news post. Add my gamertag: dats1k so we can play some halo


2010-07-22 03:13:31 by axeFX

I've been promising to make something new loads of times, and I never seem to end up keeping my word... but I finally WILL this time. I upped a new loop that I whipped up one night (house), and I have a dubstep loop that is also pretty cool and unique, that I will plan on upping next week sometime. SO STAY TUNED!
If all of you are curious, I use Logic Pro 9 along with massive and discoDSP discovery, two synthesizers I use to make all my sounds from scratch. I've been dabbling alot with dubstep, but I'm honestly starting to grow tired of that genre, and find myself listening to house and psytrance alot more. So that's probably the direction my music will take.

On another note, the reason I haven't really been doing much of anything is because my interests shifted over towards MODDING. I recently modded my psp after it sat in my drawer collecting dust for years. I did my own pandora battery mod, by taking the battery apart and doing an intense surgical wire cut, followed by a custom firmware install, and hours of downloading pirated games xD.
I ordered some modchips so I plan on modding my ps2 in a few weeks. I've never soldered before so this will be intense.


2010-02-07 18:42:48 by axeFX

Edit: I actually got myself a midi keyboard as well as a subwoofer, maybe a few days after making my initial news post, ironically. I've just been lacking the motivation to make anything serious =/

Well I'm well over-due for a new update... so here it is. I've upgraded my hardware and my software, several times, in the hopes of achieving a half decent home studio. So far I got myself a nice pair of KRK RP8 generation 2's, which are amazing. Nice, accurate, flat response from those babies, hooked up to my m-audio firewire profire 2626 audio interface (piece of shit).

I moved onto a different work station for mixing my music. I've been using Fruity Loops for 3 years or so, and with the release of FL 9, I've decided to let the program die in peace.
ENERGY MOTHER FUCKIN XT YEAAAHH. Nobody has heard of this program. It's only $50 to buy, and its got a way faster workflow compared to fruity loops. The only downside, it doesn't come with shit for plugins. If you have VST galore, then this program is a dream. Here's a screenshot of a song I'm working on THIZZ N FX If you wanna hear the songs early progress, click here

The only thing missing in my setup is a good midi keyboard, and of course a subwoofer. Although the KRK's are great for mids and highs, a subwoofer is required for the music I PRODUCEEEEEEEEEEAAGADGDGFGFDHGHNGDFKNK FGNhGHFGKnhfgsdigfdsiogndsogn

Steam = mormaster
xfire = darthsynth
AIM = mmllxwormsmaster

long break

2009-08-15 11:28:35 by axeFX

sorry guys, bad news. reformatted my computer and lost all my songs. this time rather then installing FL again and starting over, ive decided to take this as an opportunity to learn a new program. so I will be using Sonar 8 from now on. this means its gonna be a while before I post a song again =/
However I will be getting my hardware replaced at the end of the month, which is pretty sick (m-audio profire 2626 in case your wondering). now I just need new monitors and a keyboard. I'll keep you posted though xP

tinker toe

2009-07-18 14:18:01 by axeFX

welll... I haven't really been making music that much lately. Mostly been playing street fighter 4 on pc. I also have it for ps3 (lol), but I never play. I'm planning on buying an X-arcade tankstick at the end of this month. Gonna split the cost with my friend.

IF you want to play me on PC... my gamertag is zithninja. If you want to play me on ps3, my gamertag is zithninja. If you want to add me to xbox live, my gamertag is zithninja. If you want to add me to zithninja my gamertag is lolwut.

xfire: op1umz
quakelive: op1umz
AIM: mmllxwormsmaster
Steam: mormaster

As for my musicianship, I work very slow these days. I have a loop brewing for a friends flash game, which you can listen to here
Still in early production, still practicing, stuff like that. As for blackhole FX fullversion? I'm struggling with that T_T
I'll try and get it finished eventually though. I promise :P
Thanks everyone for the reviews and votes. I read every review, and even if I don't respond, I appreciate it very much.
If you want to game it up, I've provided various accounts of mine... so... yea. If your gonna add me to something, let me know first